Peer Mediation Training

George Milton Group’s peer mediation training program introduces communication, negotiation, and conflict resolution skills to high school and college students. Students gain a basic understanding of conflict resolution philosophies and theories, while observing and practicing trusted mediation techniques that will serve as vital tools in both their personal and scholastic development.

Choose a 28-week program to meet your school and students’ needs:


  • 150 contact hours
  • Flexible scheduling
  • ADR training for students/teachers
  • 80 hours of role play and mediation
  • Hybrid & virtual programs available
  • $2250 per student
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  • 100+ contact hours
  • 1 & 2-day per week programming
  • ADR training for students/teachers
  • Guided role play & mock mediation
  • Starting at $1100 per student
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Open Enrollment

  • Open enrollment for students
  • 100% virtual instruction
  • After-school instruction
  • Tuition reduction
  • Group discounts available
  • $2000 per student
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In addition to the aforementioned benefits, every program includes:

  • Lead instruction by qualified, court-approved professional mediator
  • Student oversight by our Student Services Director
  • Guest lecturers and contributors
  • Trained faculty advisors
  • Google Classroom-enabled virtual learning platform
  • Text and learning materials for each student

Find out how the peer mediation training program can be integrated into your existing curriculum, added to your supplemental instruction, or become part of your favorite student’s extracurricular activities. Contact us at [email protected]. Call us at 866-506-3093. Or complete the following form for more information.