Co-Curricular Programs

This peer mediation program offers 150 hours of administrative consultation, training, and hands-on instruction that can be easily integrated into your school’s Business, Civics, Gifted & Talented curriculum, leadership initiatives, or HIB efforts.

The program features:

  • 4 hours of weekly instruction over 28 weeks.
  • Collaboration with school administration to craft a flexible schedule and curriculum integration strategy.
  • 18 hours of independent training for teachers & administrators.
  • $2500 stipend for faculty member that serves as the program’s in-school advisor.
  • 32 hours of classroom instruction, including 24 hours of mediation training and 8 hours of guided mediation role play for students.
  • 80 hours of live mock mediation and moderated critique & case study.
  • Student Services Director on staff to review individual student learning needs.
  • Hybrid and 100% virtual learning modules are available.
  • Google Classroom-enabled learning environment.
  • All texts and materials are included in the cost of tuition.

The program cost is $45,000 for instruction of a class of 20 students.

Find out how the peer mediation training program can be integrated into your existing curriculum, added to your supplemental instruction, or become part of your favorite student’s extracurricular activities. Contact us at i[email protected]. Call us at 866-506-3093. Or complete the following form for more information.