The world has become a global community, yet people are communicating less and less effectively.  Complicated business landscapes and ever-evolving social dynamics have created an environment that is ripe for conflict and strife.  To further complicate matters, oppressive demands on our time and a barrage of social media interference has diminished our ability as a society to effectively navigate that conflict and resolve disputes in a productive and efficient manner.  The result is a world, community, business and/or home where conflicts arise at a pace that is faster than our ability to resolve them.

At the George Milton Group, it is our goal to help individuals, businesses, organizations, and communities develop sustainable solutions to their personal, legal, and practical problems.  We accomplish this goal by helping clients develop conflict resolution strategies that are guided by our company’s touchstones:

VISION:  We inspire to create better interpersonal, family, business, community, and global relations through the introduction and popularization of practical conflict resolutions techniques and strategies.

MISSION:  To create conflict resolution platforms that are easily accessible and effective, whether you are an individual, a business, public institution or private organization.

VALUES:  Our firm values high-quality communication techniques, combined with cross-disciplinary collaboration from mediators, social service practitioners, mental health professionals, and educators to foster an environment that facilitates mutually beneficial resolutions to all types of conflict.

Through a diligent adherence to our vision, mission, and values, the George Milton Group applies a facilitative approach to conflict resolution that looks to guide meaningful conversation and explore workable solutions that will not only solve current issues, but set a foundation that sets the stage to help minimize and quickly resolve future conflict.

For more information on how the George Milton Group can help you, your family, organization, or community address interpersonal, legal or institutional conflict email us at [email protected]