Our Firm

Strategic Solutions: A Collaborative Approach

The George Milton Group is built on the belief that each occurrence of conflict is constructed of the same three basic building blocks: miscommunication, misaligned expectations, and/or faulty execution.  While the genesis of conflict can be categorized rather narrowly, the methodology for finding a resolution is much broader.  It is our responsibility, as a strategic solutions firm, to help facilitate a discussion that explores as many of those resolutions as possible.  In order to help accomplish this task, we enlist the services of mediators, consultants, and strategist from multiple disciplines, including:

  • Legal
  • Education
  • Mental health services
  • Substance abuse
  • Counseling
  • Medical
  • Finance
  • Business

By utilizing conflict resolution strategies that draw from the collective knowledge of multiple professional disciplines, the client can enter a structured dialogue aimed at addressing existing issues, identifying underlying conflict, and creating a shared solution that is both effective and relevant to solving the conflict at hand.

Our Team

Facilitators: Guides to Resolution

Our team is comprised of professional mediators, strategic planners, counselors, social workers, and educators.  We use a cross-disciplinary approach to develop real and workable solutions to the problems and conflict that you may face in your personal or professional life.

Matthew DeSantis – Founder/Lead Mediator– The Catholic University, Columbus School of Law graduate has been studying & practicing mediation and art of negotiation over 20 years.  As a New Jersey Court Rule 1:40 NJAPM trained mediator, Matthew is qualified to participate in the Complimentary Dispute Resolution (CDR) Program, in both the Civil and Family divisions.  In private practice, Matthew serves as the firm’s lead mediator and strategic solutions specialist, providing conflict resolution services to individuals, families, communities, and businesses. Connect with Matthew on LinkedIn.

Gillian Gmitter, LPC, NCC, MS – Family/Interpersonal Specialist – The licensed professional counselor consults on cases in our marital/family practice, helping identify instances where families/individuals participating in the mediation process may benefit from outside professional counseling services.

Our Philosophy

Problem Solving: Not a Zero-Sum Game

Our society is adversarial in nature.   Republican vs. Democrat.  Valedictorian vs. Salutatorian.  Yankees vs. Red Sox.  It has been that way since…well, since the Rebels vs. the Redcoats.    Therefore, it should be of little surprise that our personal interactions have become guided by these same adversarial principles.  Plaintiff vs. Defendant.  Husband vs. Wife.  Neighbor vs. Neighbor.  We have become a society that is conditioned to recognize winner-take-all as the ultimate goal.

Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate.

John F. Kennedy

While it is in our power to freely and openly advocate for a position under own terms, it is also our responsibility to engage in a dialogue that looks for a shared solution, not a solution that creates a zero-sum game.  It is in this shared solution that we at the George Milton Group find the most value.  Based on our experience mediating disputes, negotiating terms, and providing solutions, we firmly believe that a shared solution is found at the intersection of self-determination and satisfaction.

Our Approach

Getting to Sure, why not!

It’s been nearly 30 years since Getting to Yes – the quintessential business text based on the work of the Harvard Negotiation Project – gave individuals a universally applicable method for negotiating personal and professional disputes.

As both students and practitioners of mediation and negotiation, we at the George Milton Group value the effects that principled negotiation has had on the conflict resolution industry.

What we have come to realize during our study and practice of alternative dispute resolution is that unless the parties are willing to come to “the table,” negotiation methodology is irrelevant.  That is why our mediators, negotiators, and program developers place a premium on “setting the table,” creating value in the process of alternative dispute resolution itself, even before possible resolutions are discussed.

By creating value in the concept of alternative dispute resolution, we are able to able to get clients to accept the process as a viable vehicle to resolution.  By getting them to say “Sure, why not?” we create an environment where “yes” is not only possible, but probable.

For more information on how the George Milton Group can help you, your family, your organization, or your community address interpersonal, legal or institutional conflict call us at 866-506-3093 or email us at [email protected]