Extracurricular Programs

This peer mediation program offers up to 120 hours of administrative consultation, training, and hands-on instruction that can be easily added to your school’s extracurricular programming, supplementing your school’s current leadership initiatives and/or HIB efforts.

The program features:

  • Two program modules that feature a choice between 3-hour per week and 90-minute per week programming.
  • 28 weeks of hands-on instruction.
  • 18 hours of independent training for teachers & administrators.
  • $1500 stipend for faculty member that serves as the program’s in-school program advisor.
  • Up to 18 hours of classroom instruction, plus 6 hours of guided mediation role play.
  • Between 60 hours (3-hour model) and 30 hours (90-minute model) of live mock mediation and moderated critique & case study.
  • Student Services Director on staff to review individual student learning needs.
  • Program includes hybrid and 100% virtual learning modules.
  • Google Classroom-enabled learning environment.
  • All texts and materials are included in the cost of tuition.

The program cost is $32,000 for the 3-hour per week program and $22,000 for the 90-minute per week program, with class limits of 20 students.