Educational Programs

The ability to identify, navigate, and resolve conflict is a skill that can serve as a building block in the personal and professional development of any student; but like any skill set, conflict resolution needs to be taught, fostered, and exercised. That is why the George Milton Group has developed a series of educational programs aimed at introducing conflict resolution strategies and applications to students in a variety of settings. Our programs attempt to arm society’s future leaders and decision-makers with a valuable tool that can be utilized throughout their personal, educational, and professional development.

Peer Mediation Training

  • Vision: Create a program that teaches students negotiation and conflict resolution skills. 
  • Mission:  Train students to utilize mediation techniques that a) allow them to develop more effective conflict resolution skills, while b) facilitating a safe and healthy environment in which students are able to develop effective conflict resolution strategies that can be utilized within the school and community. Learn more

Teen Think Tank: Students solving problems

  • Vision: Develop tomorrow’s problem solvers by teaching today’s high schoolers the critical thinking and research skills they will need to thrive in their post-graduate endeavors.
  • Mission: Create a student-run think tank that creates a series of solution-centric programs aimed at providing high-achieving students with opportunities to become a member of a fully functioning think tank, solving problems and developing policies alongside industry thought leaders. Learn more

Pilot Class: Co-curricular problem solving

  • Vision: Develop a program that identifies hyper-local issues and develops workable solutions within high schools and their surrounding communities.
  • Mission: Like the George Milton Group’s Teen Think Tank, the Pilot Class looks to develop tomorrow’s problem solvers and leaders. However, instead of examining society’s ills, the Pilot Class focuses on creating a co-curricular activity that engages individuals within the school community in order to identify, research, and provide solutions to actual problems that are germane to them. Learn more