Pilot Class: Co-curricular Problem Solving

Pilot /ˈpīlət/ verb1: to act as a guide; lead over a usually difficult course

The Pilot Class is a co-curricular activity that looks to develop a think tank focused on utilizing a high school’s students to identify issues and develop solutions to problems that are effecting its community.

The Pilot class takes elements of the George Milton Group’s Peer Mediation Training and Teen Think Tank to develop a privately branded course that walks high school students through the creation and execution of a student-run think tank that solves actual problems confronting the school and local community. With quarter, semester, and year-long programming options, the Pilot Class lends meaningful co-curricular programming to high schools. Administered through the use of distance learning strategies and virtual tools, students work participate in a local think tank alongside internationally renowned industry pioneers and thought leaders.

Whether absorbed as part of a core course, developed as a stand alone class, or offered as an extracurricular activity, the Pilot Class think tank project provides your school and students with a fresh, practical, thought-provoking learning opportunities.