Mediation Services

With professionally trained conflict resolution specialists, attorneys, business executives, counselors, and mental health professionals on our roster, it is no surprise that we at the George Milton Group believe that possess the experience, skills, and personnel to help you develop a solution to an issue that you are having in your home, business or community.

With professional neutrals, business executives, counselors, and mental health professionals on our roster, it is no surprise that we at the George Milton Group believe that our mediators possess the experience and skillset necessary to help you guide you through a potential solutions to the issues that you may face in you your home, business or community.

Our mediation team is led by Matthew DeSantis, who began the study and practice of alternate dispute resolution and mediation over 20 years ago, while that the Catholic University of America’s Columbus School of Law. As a fully committed professional neutral, Matthew completed his mediation training in both the Civil and Family courts with the New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators. Using his experience in private practice and in public service as a member of the New Jersey Superior Court’s Special Civil Part mediation team, Matthew has the experience and knowledge to lead our mediators as they help facilitate workable and sustainable
solutions for our mediation clients.

Our mediators specialize in a number of fields, including:

Civil Mediation

Lawsuits can be expensive, time-consuming, and frustrating. Mediation provides potential litigants or active parties to a legal action with the opportunity to resolve a dispute prior to verdict being handed down by the court. By engaging in a mediated resolution, parties can save time, money, and – perhaps most importantly – resolve their conflict in a manner that emphasizes self-determination and fosters a higher level of satisfaction than is typically found in a legal proceeding.

Marital Mediation

“Mediating to stay married” is a practice that is gaining tremendous momentum in the area of¬†conflict resolution. Mediation is a perfect way for couples who do not wish to get divorced work through¬†specific issues and negotiate workable solutions that can help them stay married. Learn more

Divorce Mediation

When couples can not work through their issues and no longer wish to be married, divorce mediation offers them an opportunity to dissolve their marriage in a manner that is cost-effective, more efficient, and less adversarial than a traditional divorce proceeding. By agreeing to address the fundamental elements of their divorce through mediation, couples can dissolve their marriage in a manner that fosters a sense of finality, while retaining their dignity.

Interpersonal Mediation

Relationships within a home or business are often times complex. It stands to reason that disputes in these relationships can be equally complex. Often, the ideal resolutions in these cases are often times non-monetary and require a great deal of decorum and finesse. Interpersonal mediation is an excellent vehicle for parties that need to resolve a non-monetary disputes in an equitable manner.

Community Mediation

Communities are comprised of a vast network of individuals, families, businesses, and organizations. These entities must routinely navigate relationships that are strive to create a delicate balance between the collective good and individual needs. When that balance is disrupted, community mediation is the perfect opportunity for parties to examined their relationship and develop solutions that restore harmony to the collective.

Real Estate Mediation

Buying a house or property is a major life event. Therefore, it should be of no surprise that this process is full of stress and conflict brought on by numerous competing interests (buy, seller, real estate agent, financial institutions, zoning boards, etc). Real estate mediation provides a neutral party that can help prospective buyers and sellers create effective and streamlined solutions to issues that arise during the negotiation, inspection, and closing phases of a real estate transaction.

Landlord/Tenant Mediation

The Civil Division has an entire part dedicated to the complicated laws surrounding rental properties, possession, and eviction. However, there are many instances where landlord and tenant find themselves dealing with conflict that does not rise to the level of the Tennant-Landlord Court. In these instances, parties to a lease agreement may find landlord/tenant mediation is a great way to resolve disputes in a relationship that is otherwise mutually beneficial.

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