Marital Mediation

What if there was a conflict resolution process that could be used to help couples negotiate solutions to specific problems that are standing in the way of a happier relationship?

There is. This process is called Marital Mediation.

How does Marital Mediation work?

Marital Mediation is a voluntary process where a couple engages in a dialogue with the help of a professional neutral – a mediator trained to help parties in conflict navigate underlying conflict – in order to develop a mutually beneficial solution to a single issue (or narrow scope of issues).

Isn’t this just like divorce mediation?

All mediation utilizes certain techniques and strategies to deal with conflict. Divorce Mediation helps couples that have already decided to dissolve their relationship deal with issues that are unique to the divorce process (i.e. property settlement, child custody, etc). Martial Mediation, on the other hand, attempts to help couples that are looking to work through rough times by guiding them toward mutually beneficial solutions to specific problems in an attempt to strengthen their relationship.

This sounds a lot like couples therapy.

Both processes look to help couples navigate a litany of relationship issues. Couples therapy looks to take a deep dive into the relationship in order to foster growth through therapeutic analysis. Marital Mediation uses dispute resolution techniques help the couple develop and negotiate solutions to a more limited scope of issues that, once removed, can foster a stronger relationship.

Can Marital Mediation be used in conjunction with my couples counseling?

Absolutely! It is recommended that couples seeking to better their relationship use all available tools to achieve their goals. Imagine the couple who had a team comprised of therapists, advisors, coaches, and mediators that worked alongside of them to navigate issues and implement healthy relationship strategies before such issues lead to irreconcilable differences.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for Marital Mediation?

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