Pro Bono Services

The George Milton Group believes in the power of mediation. Therefore, we have devoted the time, energy, and efforts to bring pro bono mediation services to individuals, organizations, and communities that are in need of mediation, conflict resolution, and deescalation services.

We are happy to currently be providing such services to the following groups:

  • Healthcare Workers
  • Educators
  • Food Industry Professionals

Here’s why the George Milton Group is offering pro bono mediation services to any member of these professional communities that are embattled in a personal, familial, financial, and/or legal dispute:  While cities and states are opening up and there is a push to return to “normal,” COVID-19 still remains a significant threat to our safety and well-being. While some individuals have the luxury of choosing to what extent they wish to re-enter society at-large, healthcare workers, educators, and restaurant workers are being asked to put themselves in harms way for the good of their communities. These individuals are being asked to keep us safe, teach our children, and feed us. Add that to the stress of trying to keep their personal, financial, and legal affairs in order, these individuals are true heroes.

Here’s why these services are needed now:  While they have been helping get society back on track, the individuals mentioned above have been juggling legal conflict, financial hardship, personal issues, marital conflict, lawsuits, and community strife. Some of these instances have advanced to litigation, while others are still in the nascent stages of conflict. Regardless of where your conflict lies, it is better to resolve it before it gets to trial because the current backlog of cases in the court system is tremendous.  Some divisions have just started to devise a strategy to deal with non-emergent cases.  While we wait for the courts to develop a procedural strategy for the “new normal,” countless instances of conflict remain unresolved. During this waiting period, tensions only grows deeper, parties become more entrenched in the conflict, individuals spend a tremendous amount of money, yet there is no resolution in sight.

Here’s why mediation works:  The overwhelming majority of private disputes are resolved through private negotiations and mediated settlement agreements (with some categories seeing settlement rates over 95% according to studies).  This settlement rate can primarily be attributed to two primary factors:  1)  The process affords the parties to explore mutually beneficial outcomes driven by common sense and self-determination; thus leading to 2) an extremely high rate of satisfaction in the mediation process, regardless of the actual outcome.   

Here’s the fine print:  There is none.  We will screen cases to ensure that at least one of the participants qualify as one of highlighted groups, but other than that, I will take cases on a first come, first served basis, until pro bono hours are exhausted. (We plan on committing to 20 pro bono hours each month for the remainder of 2020).   

Here’s how your client, family member or friend can see if they are eligible to take advantage of these services:  Complete our client intake form.